Wet wet wet at Rowdy Flat

Post date: Aug 7, 2017 10:33:53 AM

Waggaroos extended their lead in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday winning Event 7 by 19 points to 12. Waggaroos now have a 144:116 lead with just one event to be contested in the competition.

Event 7 was conducted at Rowdy Flat near Yackandandah. This is an old mining area and features an extremely complex network of short gullies with steep banks, numerous small knolls, and a good sprinkling of blackberry bushes. Past mountain bike activity has left a plethora of tracks many of which are now becoming less visible and more difficult to follow. The complex terrain, wet weather and slippery terrain made navigation difficult and times were generally slow. In some cases the location of the control site was obvious and it was just difficult to get to. In other cases, particularly where running was less restricted, getting close was reasonably easy but working out exactly where to go became the challenge. Some participants found the going just too tough and did not complete their course.

Wagga got off to a good start with Alex Davey winning the 3.7 km Hard course and John Oliver finishing third. Albury’s Peter Mousley had a great run to finish second and minimise Wagga's advantage to 6:4.

However it was on the 3.0 km Hard course that Waggaroos did the damage. Deb Davey had an excellent run in the difficult terrain to win by almost 30 minutes. Iain Crossett (W) then finished second and ahead of Albury’s first two finishers Norm McCann and Hugh Cameron. Each club had 3 participants on this course with the potential to earn points but because some withdrew and did not score points Wagga gained an 11:7 point advantage on this course.

Kath Oliver (W) just held off a good challenge from Nick Mousley (A) on the 1.4 km Easy course to secure a further 2:1 point advantage for Waggaroos.

Noah and Tony Wilson (A) won the 1.8 km Moderate course but because there were no Waggaroos contesting this course no points were awarded.

The final event in the Interclub Challenge will be conducted in the Murraguldrie State Forest on Sunday 27 August. Newcomers are welcome. To get there drive towards Tumbarumba either through Ladysmith or via Gregadoo Rd. About 6 km after crossing over the Hume Highway turn right into Burngoogee Fire Trail at the main Murraguldrie State Forest sign and follow the orienteering signs to the assembly area. Start from 10am.