Wet underfoot at Rawlings

Post date: Oct 21, 2020 8:49:37 AM

For our final "Winter" calendar event, could you get more variety in terrain than at Rawlings Park? One minute participants were sprinting across the lovely flat turf of soccer fields, then splashing through sheets of water left after yesterday’s rain, then running through open woodland, then pushing through shoulder high wild oats, then sliding across the mud on the bush tracks and, on the longer courses, dodging cars on asphalt roads.

The 1.7km Easy course was primarily across the soccer fields with a couple of controls in the well-grassed semi-open area to the south of Angel St. As per the classic hare and tortoise fable the slow but sure octogenarian tortoise Wes Campbell beat the fast running sub-junior hares, Logan, Ryder and Jarrah. Ryder decided he was old enough to try a course on his own and he did very well, reading the map whilst splashing through creeks and fighting through long the grass. Jarrah, as a perfect gentleman should, allowed mum, Julie, to keep up until the last control – then he showed her a clean pair of heels.

The Moderate courses also started across the soccer fields but then explored more of the bushland reserve to the south east. Asher McNellie recorded fastest time on the 2.8km Moderate course just ahead of Kerri Miller and Oliver Seal. On the 4.0km Moderate course Briohny Seaman had a very comfortable win ahead of her mum Deb Davey, John Oliver and Phil Roy/Loren Edmanson.

Our focus now switches to our Sunday Summer Series, starting on 22 November in Tatton. Full details will be posted on the website in the near future but these events are held around suburban Wagga Wagga, primarily on park and street, and use a score format where competitors attempt to get as many controls as possible within 30 or 45 minutes.