Waggaroos wrap up Interclub series

Post date: Sep 7, 2015 11:09:32 AM

Waggaroos won the Interclub Challenge against Albury after a solid performance in the sixth and final event last Sunday.

Conducted on Willan’s Hill the courses looped around the reserve north and south of Baden Powell Dr with cleverly located controls ensuring participants crossed through the tunnel. The numerous tracks provided navigational options but in places were very wet and almost treacherous compared with the forest floor.

In the Interclub Challenge points are awarded on each course according to placings of an equal number of finishers from each club. Waggaroos started the day with a handy 97:85 lead after five events and consolidated their position early.

Debbie Davey and John Oliver got the Waggaroos off to a good start finishing first and second on the 4.9km Hard Course just 16 seconds apart. Albury then came back when Rob Simmons and Leigh Privett claimed third and fourth positions. Waggaroo young gun Lachlan Billett finished next but unfortunately had missed one control allowing Albury’s Norm McCann to take fifth spot. Nonetheless Waggaroos had outscored Albury 11:9.

Waggaroos then consolidated their lead with some fine performances by Dale Clegg and Pauline Moore on the 3.5km Hard Course. Dale had a great run to win by over 2 minutes and take out handicap honours for the day. Pauline managed to finish 2 minutes ahead of Albury star Liz Wood to put Waggaroos in a commanding position. Hugh Cameron (A) finished well off the pace to give Waggaroos a 7:3 point win on that course.

Wes Campbell, Amanda Billett and the Crossett family all did well for Waggaroos on the Hard Course too.

Julie Gooding (W) won the 2.6km Moderate course and the Farquhar family were the only participants on the 1.6km Easy Course. Because there were no Albury participants on this course no points were awarded.

Waggaroos won the day 18:12 and took the Challenge 115:97.

4.9km Hard Course

1 Debbie Davey WRN 46.52

2 John Oliver WRN 47.08

3 Rob Simmons AWV 52.50

4 Leigh Privett AWV 54.18

5 Norm McCann AWV 60.20

6 Lachlan Billett WRN mp

3.5km Hard Course

1 Dale Clegg WRN 46.51

2 Pauline Moore WRN 49.38

3 Liz Wood AWV 51.38

4 Wes Campbell WRN 53.42

5 Amanda Billett WRN 54.55

6 Hugh Cameron AWV 77.11

7 Crossett Family WRN 80.43

2.6km Moderate Course

1 Julie Gooding WRN 49.25

2 Kath Oliver WRN 59.32

1.6km Easy Course

1 Farquhar Family WRN 44.08