Waggaroos win Interclub for 2018

Post date: Aug 27, 2018 7:42:06 AM

Waggaroos won the eighth and final event to secure the 2018 Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday. The Interclub Orienteering Challenge is conducted over 8 events throughout the bush orienteering season. Points are awarded for participation and bonus points are earned by the placegetters on each course.Event 8 was conducted at Nail Can Hill on the outskirts of Albury. Because of the steep terrain courses were a little shorter than normal. The forest had splashes of colour throughout with the early season wildflower starting to bloom. The numerous bike tracks were a mixed blessing; simultaneously assisting negotiating the hillsides and confusing the navigation. Most courses led participants initially along an open hillside visiting numerous little gullies and then swung straight across a significant ridge line and demanded some serious thinking about route choice. Waggaroos managed the challenges extremely well and did well on all courses capturing a bevy of bonus points.

Waggaroos juniors were at the forefront. Jack Janetski and Cameron McDougall finished second and third respectively on the 3.4 km Hard course, Joannah McDougall finished second on the 2.4 km Moderate Course and Rob McDougall won the 1.6 km Easy course.

Senior orienteers also did well with Alex Davey (W) winning the 4.6 km Hard Course and Stuart Young winning the Moderate Course. Some of Albury’s orienteers did very well. Matt Flower and Peter Mousley challenged Alex Davey strongly on the 4.6 km Hard course but fell just short, and Ricky Armstrong just held off the Waggaroos juniors on the 3.4 km Hard course. However, most of Albury’s usual high performers were under par on the day.

The excellent all-round contributions by Waggaroos orienteers resulted in Waggaroos winning the day 46:42 and the series 370:313.