Waggaroos win at Connorton

Post date: Jun 5, 2018 11:00:26 AM

Waggaroos strong turnout resulted in a convincing 78:17 point win in Interclub Event 3 against Albury last Sunday at Connorton. In the Interclub Orienteering Challenge points are awarded for completing the course and bonus points are awarded to placegetters in each course.

Conducted at Connorton just south of Wagga the forest varied in visibility and runnability within relatively short distances making it difficult to a reasonable running rhythm and disrupting navigability. Participants had to think hard about how to avoid the steeper climbs and the more difficult rocky areas. On occasions the profusion of rock did mean slow going to ensure navigation accuracy.

Albury was well underrepresented having just 6 of the 29 participants on the day. All competed in either the 3.9 km or 5.8 km Hard navigation courses. These courses were composed of legs that either made participants think about route choice options or which major features they needed to as navigation aids. Large boulders and bare rock sheets proved very useful.

Waggaroos dominated the 3.9 km course with 6 completing the course before the first Albury orienteer finished. Briohny Seaman had a brilliant day slipping around the course in a quick 33 minutes. Deb Davey made only a few small errors but was still more than 8 minutes behind. John Oliver also had a good run from a navigation perspective and was a further 4 minutes behind.

Although Alex Davey (W) won the 5.8 km Hard navigation course convincingly Albury did manage to pick up some valuable points. Matt Flower (A) just managed to edge out Tadeusz Davenport (W) for second spot and Rob Simmons and Wayne Bajenoff finished 4th and 5th to pick up some valuable bonus points.

Wagga juniors Jack Janetski and Cameron McDougall both made a number of errors on controls but still managed to finish before Albury’s High Cameron and Bill Krautz. Josh Roy (A) was the most resilient orienteer on the day. He missed the second control badly and reputedly explored most of the map before managing to complete the course in just over 2½ hours.

The 2.3 km Easy course, although easy in navigation, proved to be a physical challenge for some. It required the following of a number of watercourses and paths to find various boulders and creek junctions. The litter along the watercourses made it a challenge to move quickly. Waggaroos 11 year old Tom Janetski scrambled best and finished well ahead of Ryder Seaman and Kath Oliver.

The Moderate navigation course proved to be equally challenging physically. It effectively crisscrossed between two long rocky gullies that had patches of cypress pine regrowth along the spur in between. Waggaroos again dominated. Bob Moore did well to win in just under the hour. Dale Clegg has returned to the region and celebrated by partnering Maree Wesley and finishing second in just over the hour. The battle for third place was tight with Dave and Deb Murray just edging out Iona and Brendan Judd.

Event 4 in the Interclub Challenge will be conducted at Walbundrie on Sunday 17 June. Waggaroos lead the 8 race series 168-87.