Waggaroos win 2017 Interclub

Post date: Sep 12, 2017 12:23:00 PM

Waggaroos has won the 2017 Interclub Challenge against Albury finishing in fine style with a 16 points to 13 in the final event of the 8 event series.

Held in a cold and wet Murraguldrie State Forest the courses regularly challenged participants in a number of respects. The forest was open enough to attack the control on the direct line route which had to be considered against the option of running wide and avoiding some steeper slopes. Then as the control site was approached careful navigation was required to home in on the target feature. Finally the slippery conditions in some areas meant traversing the hillsides became difficult and times were slightly slower than usual.

As usual the competition was close and exciting. Albury’s Leigh Privett having just returned from a very successful World Masters Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships where he finished second in the sprint distance, fifth in the middle distance and third in the long distance races kept his good form going with a strong win on the 6km Hard Course. This gave Albury a great start to the day.

However, Waggaroos John Oliver and Tadeusz Davenport then filled the minor places. Albury’s chance to tie the points on this course evaporated when Rob Simmons went to the incorrect last control. As a result of failing to complete the course he did not score points and Waggaroos won the course 5:4.

Albury also won the 3.8km Hard Course. Wayne Bajenoff did very well to win by almost 14 minutes to put Albury in the lead. Waggaroos then wrested the lead back when Angela Farrell and Cameron McDougall filled the minor places. Bill Krautz (A) gave Albury a chance by finishing in fourth spot but when Bob Moore (W) finished next and Norm McCann (A) failed to finish, Waggaroos had won the course 11:9.

Kath Oliver (W) was the only competitor on the Easy Course and because there was no participant from Albury no points were awarded.

This gave Waggaroos a 16:13 win for the day and a 160:145 win in the Interclub Challenge.

The next local event will be on Sunday 17 September in the Victory Memorial Gardens starting near the intersection of Morrow and Peter St.