Waggaroos Summer Series kicks off

Post date: Nov 24, 2013 10:50:35 AM

John Oliver and Debbie Davey were the major winners in Waggaroos first Summer Series of Orienteering event conducted at Hilltop last Thursday evening.

Participants had a choice of 30 or 45 minutes to find the answers to questions about the local area. Each correct answer scored points and points were deducted for exceeding the chosen time limit. Questions included identifying the colour of graffiti on the red post, counting the number of cups on a weather station, and identifying the symbol on the portable toilet.

Starting in Kaloona Drive the challenge was whether to climb to the ridge line where higher valued points could be scored or stay low in the flatter area and perhaps accumulate more points by answering more questions. Equally the challenge was whether to push through the long grass ad suffer the irritation of grass seeds in the socks or run further around the tracks and lanes.

On the 45 minute course, John Oliver chose to head east up the ridgeline and then north towards Red Hill Road to get the hilly sections completed while the legs were still fresh. It worked for he found the answers to 18 of the 23 questions and scored 225 of a possible 265 points. Alex Davey did almost as well. He found one more answer but ended up with a slightly lower score of 205 points.

Third place was a battle of the prams. Emily and Duncan Farquhar pushed their two children around and picked up a very creditable 140 points. Julie Gooding and her mother pushed baby Jarrah and scored 65 points.

On the 30 minute course Debbie Davey primarily worked the ridgeline to the south and east picking up a very good 105 points. TRAC student Kade Mavroudis tried this format of orienteering for the first time and coped well to score 55 points. Ladysmith Public Schools students Joannah and Cameron MacDougall tried orienteering for the first time out of the school yard and scored a good 45 points.