Waggaroos level Interclub series

Post date: May 12, 2013 11:08:54 AM

Good orienteering by Briohny Seaman and Alex Davey guided Waggaroos to a good victory over Albury in the second of the Interclub Challenge events last Sunday.

Conducted on a small area near Ettamogah the terrain generally had good visibility but long grass made the going difficult. Courses consisted of little loops and included a pivot control in which participants had to find the same feature but approached from a different direction before heading out on the next loop.

The Interclub Challenge is based on accumulated points awarded for according to placing for an equal number of participants from each club on each course. Waggaroos started the day with a 7 point deficit after losing the first event 12:19.

Briohny Seaman and Alex Davey got Waggaroos off to a good start with some very good orienteering on the 5.7km course in the tricky terrain. Briohny recorded an excellent win and Alex was just 46 seconds behind. Then there was a bit of daylight until Albury’s Rob Simmons spoilt the Waggaroos trifecta by finishing third just ahead of Waggaroos John Oliver. Again it was close with only a minute separating the two. Albury’s Rob Matthews and Eloise Matthews finished shortly after but Wagga had established a 7 point lead.

The Chapman family clawed back a point for Albury with a good 4 minute victory over Waggaroos Kath Oliver on the 2.4km course. This was a good effort by all participants given that the pivot control for this course was on top of the highest hill in the area and required some serious physical exertion to reach it.

Debbie Davey (Wagga) and Rick Armstrong (Albury) were within sight of each other in the first half of the 4.4km course but Debbie eventually drew away to regain a point for Waggaroos.

Waggaroos won the day 17:10 and after the two rounds the clubs are tied with 29 points each. The third event in the Interclub Challenge will be held near Wagga in early June.


5.7km hard course: Briohny Seaman (W) 52.36; Alex Davey (W) 53.22; Rob Simmons (A) 60.07; John Oliver (W) 61.09; Rob Matthews (A) 62.37; Eloise Matthews (A) 81.32

4.4km hard course: Debbie Davey (W) 56.49; Rick Armstrong (A) 60.29; John Trevivian (A) 103.31; Lester Sawyer (A) 112.47.

2.4km moderate course: Chapman family (A) 49.11; Kath Oliver (W) 53.48; John Jamieson (A) 54.06; Cave family (A) 75.02.