Waggaroos just home in close Interclub

Post date: Jun 28, 2015 9:58:27 AM

Waggaroos held off a determined Albury to win the third event in the Interclub Orienteering Series by a mere one point.

Conducted in the western part of Pomingalarna Reserve the courses looped in and out of the forest, tempting participants with running wide to follow track options and avoid some climb, or going straighter and shorter to find the small mounds, watercourses, pits and earth walls used as check points.

Albury began the day with a 3 point advantage. Points are awarded according to places for an equal number of participants from each club.

Two from each club contested the 6.3km course. This took participants in two loops around the western slopes of the reserve before a tough climb up over the main ridge line. Matt Flower got Albury off to a great start winning well and earning 4 points for his club. Wagga took a slight lead when John Oliver and Deb Davey finished second and third to tally 5 points for Waggaroos but it when Rob Simmons (A) finished the clubs were tied on 5 points all.

Albury took the lead again when Tony Perrot blitzed the field in the 4.6km course winning by over 10 minutes. Again the Waggaroos fought back with Angela Farrell and Alex Davey finishing only seconds apart in the minor places. This gave Waggaroos a 1 point lead. When Albury’s Bill Krautz and Vera McClusky finished it was again all tied up 10 points all.

Wagga then took the lead when Bob Moore and Julie Gooding finished ahead of Albury’s Hugh Cameron on the 3km course.

The 2km course was won comfortably by Joannah McDougall with brothers Cameron and Rob filling the minor places. Beryl Latham finished fourth to ensure it was not a complete family affair. Because there were no Albury participants on this course no points were allocated and WaggaRoos won the day by a single point 12:11.

After three events in the six event series Albury lead 48:46.

Results: Pomingalarna 28 June.

6.3km Moderate Course

1 Matt Flower (A) 46.39

2 John Oliver (W) 50.04

3 Deb Davey (W) 51.22

4 Rob Simmons (A) 1.09.16

4.6km Moderate Course

1 Tony Perrott (A) 36.50

2 Alex Davey (W) 48.26

3 Angela Farrell (W) 48.47

4 Ian McDougall (W) 1.03.24

5 Dale Clegg (W) 1.07.05

6 Bill Krautz & Vera McClusky (A) 1.21.04

7 Eddie McDougall (W) 1.26.04

8 Crossett family (W) 1.33.41

9 Dean McMullen (W) 1.35.55

3.0km Moderate Course

1 Bob Moore (W) 41.55

2 Julie Gooding (W) 42.56

3 Hugh Cameron (A) 44.54

4 Kath Oliver (W) 11.29

Alex Cox (W) mp

2.0km Easy Course

1 Joannah McDougall (W) 16.44

2 Cameron McDougall (W) 22.52

3 Rob & Deb McDougall (W) 36.40

4 Beryl Latham (W) 45.56