Waggaroos increase lead in Interclub

Post date: Jul 30, 2014 10:03:22 AM

Waggaroos extended their lead in the Interclub Orienteering Competition against Albury with a narrow win last Sunday

The event was conducted at 9 Mille Hill just north of the Paper Mill near Albury. Although the area is small, the three hills, the profusion of rock and landform features and the fog made it physically and navigationally challenging. A scatter format was used in which participants had a set number of locations to find but could take them in any order. Participants needed to be efficient in route choice and also keep track of which control sites had been visited. Because electronic timing chips were used participants did not have a physical record of where they had been.

In the Interclub Competition points are awarded according to places for an equivalent number of participants from each club on each course. This was the fifth event in the Interclub Competition and Waggaroos started the day with a comfortable 13 point advantage.

Most participants on the 26 control Long course opted to go clockwise mainly because of an inviting open area south east of the start area that looked fast and reasonably visible in the fog. Waggaroo John Oliver opted to go anti-clockwise to tackle the steeper sections and more difficult navigation problems while he was fresh. It worked and John had fastest time on the long course. John also took handicap honours for the day.

Alex Davey finished soon after just ahead of Albury’s Matt Flower to give WaggaRoos a good start. Then Leigh Privett (A) and Rick Armstrong (A) finished and although slightly off the pace, scored valuable points for their club to bring them back into contention. Then Waggaroos junior, Kade Mavroudis, on his first long course, finished sixth to give Waggaroos the advantage again. It was secured for Waggaroos when Dale Clegg successfully completed the course and Albury’s Rob Simmons missed one control. WaggaRoos won the course 20:15.

Albury clawed back a couple of points when the consistent Norm McCann just held off Waggaroo Pauline Moore by 22 seconds on the 20 control Short course and then John Trevivian (A) finished ahead of Wes Campbell (W). Albury won the short course 6:4.

Bob Moore (W) easily won the 11 control Orange course and consolidated a Waggaroos 26:22 point win for the day. With just one event to be contested Waggaroos lead the competition 83:67. The final event will be held in the Livingstone National Park and State Conservation Reserve on 24 August.

The next local event will be a sprint event in the Victory Memorial Gardens starting at 10am next Sunday 3 August near the intersection of Morrow St and Ivan Jack Drive.