Waggaroos extend lead in Interclub series

Post date: Aug 25, 2015 10:46:02 AM

Waggaroos have established a comfortable lead after a strong showing at the fifth of the Interclub Challenge events against Albury last Sunday.

Held on the Piney Ridge map, literally in the centre of Walbundrie, the terrain provides a variety of navigation challenges. The area consists of three large hills, one of which has an intricate contour network due to mining activities and the other two have numerous granite features. Some tracts are open and fast whereas others are covered in cypress pine is much more difficult to traverse.

In the Interclub Challenge points are awarded in each class according to places to an equal number of participants from each club.

Starting the day with a 4 point advantage, Waggaroos got off to an excellent start with Briohny Seaman and Alex Davey taking the quinella on the 4.9km Hard Course. Alex's performance earned him the handicap honours for the day. Albury’s Leigh Privett and Tony Perrott were not far behind and finished in 3rd and 4th position to score well for Albury. However when John Oliver (W) finished ahead of Rob Simmons (A), Waggaroos took a valuable 13:8 lead.

After her great success in Europe where she finished third in each of two multi-day events, Debbie Davey (W) hammered home the Waggaroo advantage by comfortably winning the 3.9km Hard Course. Her time was almost 12 minutes ahead of second placegetter Peter Mousley (A). Then the competition became tight and exciting. Wes Campbell (W), Liz Wood (A) and Dale Clegg (W) finished within 23 seconds of each other with Norm McCann (A) close behind but just off the pace. With a 1, 3, 5 Waggaroos obtained the lion’s share of the points and won the class 12:9.

The 2.5km Moderate Course was equally exciting. Albury’s Emma Flower had a great run to win just ahead of Waggaroo newcomers Lucinda Roper and Denbigh Burrows. The pair were participating in their first event and coped extremely well. Waggaroo regular Kath Oliver then held off Sue LeFoe (A) to split the points in this class 5 all.

Overall Waggaroos won the day 30:22 and lead the competition 97:85. The final event in the series will start at 10am on Sunday 6 September at Connorton 5km south of Wagga on the Holbrook Road.

4.9km Hard Course (Wagga 13: Albury 8)

1 Briohny Seaman WRN 0:46:25

2 Alex Davey WRN 0:48:41

3 Leigh Privett AWV 0:50:31

4 Tony Perrott AWV 0:57:39

5 John Oliver WRN 0:58:07

6 Rob Simmons AWV 1:04:36

7 Matt Flower AWV 1:06:29

3.9km Hard Course (Wagga 12: Albury 9)

1 Debbie Davey WRN 0:41:55

2 Peter Mousley AWV 0:53:12

3 Wes Campbell WRN 1:02:33

4 Liz Wood AWV 1:02:35

5 Dale Clegg WRN 1:02:56

6 Norm McCann AWV 1:08:08

7 John Ferguson AWV 1:07:36

8 Juliette Millbank AWV 1:18:32

9 Bill Krautz & Vera McCluskey AWV 1:23:55

10 Hugh Cameron AWV 1:28:28

2.5km Moderate Course (Wagga 5: Albury 5)

1 Emma Flower AWV 0:45:46

2 Lucinda Roper & Denbigh Burrows WRN 0:48:36

3 Kath Oliver WRN 1:07:56

4 Sue LeFoe AWV 1:16:49

5 Will Jessup AWV 1:21:50

1.8km Easy Course (Wagga0; Albury 0)

1 Nicholas Mousley AWV 0:54:23