Waggaroos claim home win to cut AWOC's lead

Post date: May 1, 2019 10:14:44 AM

Waggaroos won the second event of the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury in the Murraguldrie State Forest last Sunday.

All courses offered a variety of challenges to test navigational skills. Starting at the south-east end of the forest participants had to work their way up some steeps slopes looking for small gullies or particular rock features before working their way around some longer legs across a plateau and finishing with a series of short legs through detailed rocky terrain. The hill climbs and intricacy of the rocky terrain meant times were slower than usually expected.

In the Interclub Orienteering Challenge points are awarded to participants for participating and completing their course and to the placegetters in each course. The points earned by placegetters are weighted in favour of the longer and harder navigation courses. Each of the four courses was won by a Waggaroos orienteer which provided valuable points for the club.

Although John Oliver (W) won the 5.9 km course and got Waggaroos off to a good start he was the only Waggaroo on that course. As a consequence Albury scored more than half their points for the day on this course. John’s finished almost 8 minutes ahead of Albury’s Fab Andreoni with Rob Simmons (A) a further 7 minute back in third place. Albury won this course 21:8.

Waggaroos Stuart Young had an even more convincing win on the 4.1 km Hard course finishing almost 13 minutes ahead of Liz Wood (A). It was an impressive performance in the tricky terrain. Waggaroos junior Jack Janetzki had some problems early in the course but still did well enough to finish third ahead of Albury’s Norm McCann and give Waggaroos a 12:8 win on this course.

Waggaroos then scored a quinella on the 3.3 km Moderate course which required two traversing's of a reasonably steep hillside. Dale Clegg (W) improved considerably on his performance at Rocky Hill three weeks ago to win by almost 18 minutes ahead of Waggaroos juniors Jo and Cam McDougall. The quinella gave Waggaroos an 11:6 win on the Moderate course.

Waggaroos then finished well scoring well on the 2.0 km Easy course. Waggaroos Junior Tom Janetzki won ahead of the Farquhar family. Robbie and Ian McDougall finished third and ahead of the first Albury participant to give Waggaroos a 16:4 win on the Easy course.

Overall Waggaroos won the day 47: 39 but after the two events Albury lead 102:94.