Waggaroos and AWOC tie in 2nd Interclub

Post date: Apr 13, 2015 12:18:18 AM

Waggaroos and Albury tied in the second of the Interclub Challenge events held in the Murraguldrie State Forest last Sunday. The Interclub competition is conducted over 6 events and determined on points awarded according to placings for an equal number of participants from each club on each course.

The Hard courses offered a variety of challenges. The first few controls required accurate navigation to find specific boulders on an extensive rocky hillside. This was followed by a couple of steep climbs in reasonably open forest again looking for specific rock features. Then there was some fast running across open hillsides where the contour feature were less obvious. Finally some controls in scrubbier areas where visibility was restricted.

Rob Simmons got Albury off to a cracking start on the 5.0km Hard Course having the fastest time through to the seventh control. Things went awry in the scrubbier section and he lost time allowing Waggaroos Debbie Davey and Alex Davey to slip past. Albury’s Fabrizio Andreoni was also doing well despite losing time at the fifth control and was in contact with the leading group. Alex lost time at the ninth control and slipped off the pace. Debbie Davey hit the front but great orienteering by Rob over the last two controls allowed him to regain the lead and win. Fabrizio held onto third place giving Albury a 6:4 lead.

Albury’s Tony Perrot then extended the lead with a blitzing run on the 4.1km Hard course winning easily. Sydney’s Ian Jessup was close for the first couple of controls but a miss at the third control saw him drop off the pace. Waggaroo Angela Farrell had some problems in the tricky rocky areas at the start of the race but then settled down to some good running. Waggaroos Pauline Moore and Wes Campbell were progressing steadily and holding their own in the pack. Albury’s Rick Armstrong and Liz Wood both had bad misses at the very first control. Both then settled down and started catching the field. Another miss at the sixth control saw Liz drop out of contention. When Ian Jessup missed again at the sixth and seventh controls Angela found herself in second place and Rick had moved into third. Ian just held off challenges from Pauline and Wes. Although both beat Liz in Albury won the course 11:10.

Wagga then fought back on the 3.1km Moderate Course. This started along some well-defined tracks and then took participants into some lightly rocky areas along a ridgeline. Ian McDougall got off to a slow start and well off the pace at the first control. Eddie McDougall headed the field into the first control but lost a little time into the second control to slip into third place. Peter and Nicholas Mousley (A)and Sue LeFoe (A) were working along steadily. Sue dropped back to fourth when she had trouble along the ridgeline. Ian got into gear and by the sixth control had hit the front. First and third to Wagga gave them a 6:4 win in this course and they were still one point down overall.

Then a win by Joannah and Cameron McDougall (W) over Nicholas and Peter Mousley (A) on the Easy course gave Wagga 2 points to 1 and the day was all tied up 22 points apiece.

After two events Albury lead the Interclub competition 37:34.

Results Burngoogee

5.0km Hard Course

1 Rob Simmons AWV 56.20

2 Debbie Davey WRN 57.02

3 Fabrizio Andreoni AWV 64.21

4 Alex Davey WRN 65.51

5 David Jenkins BFA 76.03

6 Leigh Privett AWV 82.20

7 Wayne Bajenoff AWV 102.09

4.1km Hard Course

1 Tony Perrott AWV 41.43

2 Angela Farrell WRN 67.00

3 Rick Armstrong AWV 68.45

4 Ian Jessup GON 69.42

5 Pauline Moore WRN 75.12

6 Wes Campbell WRN 76.25

7 Liz Wood AWV 80.02

8 John Trevivian AWV 95.39

3.0km Moderate Course

1 Ian McDougall WRN 34.34

2 Peter & Nicholas Mousley AWV 37.06

3 Eddie McDougall WRN 44.06

4 Sue LeFoe AWV 58.07

5 Jessica Tremain & James Ashley WRN 86.26

6 Clare Jessup GON mp

2.4km Easy Course

1 Joannah & Cameron McDougall WRN 21.55

2 Jessica Tremain & James Ashley WRN 33.55

3 Nicholas & Peter Mousley AWV 64.18

1.8km Short Easy Course

1 Krystal Jessup WRN 21.55