Visitors and newcomers dominate at Pommy

Post date: Jul 2, 2019 11:08:24 PM

Kelly Munyard tried orienteering for the first time and did well enough to win her course at the Waggaroos orienteering event at Pomingalarna Park last Sunday. Kelly participated on the Easy navigation course which allowed participants to follow various linear features such as paths and watercourses. With numerous bike tracks in the area the main challenge was ensuring the correct one was followed. Kelly’s winning time was almost 10 minutes ahead of the Hatherly family who finished second. Kath Oliver finished third.

The 3.3 km Moderate navigation course did enable linear features to be followed but also provided options for cutting across country to pick up major catching features that led into the target feature. Target features included a number of the earth walls and earth mounds that populate the hillsides so the challenge was in keeping track of which earth wall you were following or crossing. Iona Judd, Melissa Comrey and Lauren Edmonson teamed up together to tackle this course and enjoyed a leisurely wander through the forest.

The 3.7 km and 5.1 km Hard navigation courses looped and zig-zagged across the hillsides in a way that made strict following of linear features difficult. Participants had to move from one set of linear features to a second or third in order to find the target features. On these courses the target features included many point features such as small patches of rocky ground, or isolated pits, and knolls.

On the 3.7 km Hard course Waggaroos John Oliver held on to win from ACT’s Ann Scown with Alex Redhead finishing third.

The 5.1 km Hard course was dominated by ACT orienteers. Grant McDonald won comfortably ahead of John Scown and Mary McDonald. Waggaroos Phil Roy was off the pace but did well to finish fourth.

Next Sunday the Interclub Challenge Series against Albury resumes with event 5 at 9 Mile Hill commencing at 10 am. Drive to Gerogery along the Olympic Way and turn right at the Gerogery Hotel into Main St towards Jindera. 9 Mile Hill is about 18 km along this road on the left.