Sunday Summer Series resumes

Post date: Feb 9, 2020 8:42:24 AM

Stuart Young picked up from last year with a good win as the Waggaroos resumed their Summer Series of Orienteering.

Starting from Anderson Oval participants had to visit specific locations in the Mount Austin- Turvey Park area to find the answer to questions within a 45 minute time limit. Questions included identifying particular garden ornaments, mail box colours, and specific features at various playgrounds. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the time limit.

Course setter Deb Davey peppered the map with control sites asking 36 questions worth a total of 320 points. With so many options from each location participants had to think 2 or 3 questions ahead to make sensible route decisions. Just moving towards the nearest highest valued question was not always the most efficient modus operandi.

Stuart Young chose his route well focusing on the higher valued control locations and picking up lower valued points if they did not require a significant deviation. He amassed an excellent 220 points in spite of a small time penalty for being just one second over time. This was 50 points more than his nearest rival.

John Oliver and Alex Davey had an interesting tussle for the minor places. Both focused mainly on the Mount Austin area and although their paths crossed regularly they largely visited different locations. It was John who prevailed by a mere 5 points taking second place with a very good 170 points to Alex’s 165.

Imogen Metcalfe and Fiona Hamilton also focused on the Mount Austin area and were the first ladies to finish with a score of 40 points.

A number of people tried orienteering for the first time and enjoyed the experience. Tom McAllister went with Tracey Buchanan and her son Mac found about one third of the control locations to score 100 points. Susan Robinson and Tracy, Lexi and Zoe Foyle enjoyed a pleasant Sunday mornings walk scoring 60 points.

Next event will commence at 9am from Talbot Place, Tatton next Sunday 9 February.