Summer Series resumes

Post date: Jan 30, 2017 10:37:16 AM

Iain Crossett broke through for his maiden win when Waggaroos resumed their Summer Series of Orienteering on Australia Day last Thursday evening.

Conducted in the Bourkelands – Hilltop area participants had to find the answers to questions about the area within a set time limit. Because of the warm weather the time limit was restricted to 30 minutes. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the nominated time limit.

Each of the four participants went in a slightly different direction. Debbie Davey and Wes Campbell started towards the south with Debbie then heading in a clockwise direction whereas Wes headed anticlockwise. John Oliver and Iain Crossett started towards the north where more of the higher value points were available. Iain then worked around an anticlockwise loop whereas John went clockwise.

The choices proved important. Those who went south had to go a bit further and climb the hills for higher value points. Also towards the end of the time limit John found himself in an area with few controls whereas Iain was able to continue to pick up points.

In the end only a few points separated all four with Iain finishing with a very good 150 points out of a possible 300 and 5 points ahead of John.

Event 6 in the Summer Series of Orienteering will be conducted next Thursday 2 February at 6pm from 46 Brindabella Dr Tatton.

Results: 30 Minute Course:

1. Iain Crossett 150 points

2. John Oliver 145

3. Wes Campbell 130

4. Debbie Davey 125