Summer Series commences

Post date: Nov 27, 2016 11:40:16 AM

Alex and Debbie Davey won their respective classes at the opening of the Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering conducted in the Mt Austin – Turvey Park area last Thursday evening.

Choosing the 45 minute time limit option Alex Davey and Geoff Breese took almost identical routes and covered close to 7km seeking the answers to their questions. Alex found one more answer and scored 185 compared with Geoff’s 175.

The 30 minute course was just as tight. Participants went in a variety of directions but scored similarly. Debbie Davey had trouble finding one particular answer but still scored well amassing a solid 60 points.

Ian McDougall and Iain & Ashleigh Crossett did almost as well tying for second place with 55 points. Ian McDougall actually found the more answers but lost points for exceeding the time limit.

Geoff Breese took out handicap honours for the night.

Alex was closest to time finishing 11 seconds inside his time limit.

Darren Kupke exceeded the time limit the most - a whopping 9 minutes over!!

Event 2 in the Summer Series of Orienteering will commence at 6pm in Paldi Crescent Glenfield next Thursday 1 December.

Results: Mt Turvey 24 November

45 Minute Course:

1. Alex Davey 185

2. Geoff Breese 175

30 Minute Course:

1. Debbie Davey 60

2. Ian McDougall 55

2. Iain & Ashleigh Crossett 55

4. Darren Kupke 45

5. Jo McDougall 35

6. Rob & Deb McDougall -25.