Summer Series #3, Lake Albert

Post date: Dec 7, 2020 3:25:30 AM

Julie set an interesting challenge for Summer Series #S3 at Lake Albert evidenced by:

    • participants all starting in different directions;

    • there were plenty of hard decisions to be made with many opportunities to just pop over there for those higher valued points or do I deviate a bit and get that smaller valued one on the way; and

    • many confessed to getting into the wrong street and not being able to make sense of the question to be answered. Bob was the most effective at this and finished several minutes over time.

The Farquhar family judged their time the best finishing with just 7 seconds to spare – thanks to a hard finish sprint by Alexander. Pauline, though needs more work on her sprint finish; she was 5 seconds overtime, but did take the handicap honours for the day! Good to see the Earl family at their 3rd consecutive event!

John scored best on the 45-minute course and Deb took the honours on the 30-minute course.