Summer Series #2, Glenfield Park

Post date: Dec 5, 2016 10:22:39 AM

Alex Davey had a solid win in Event 2 of the Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering last Thursday evening.

Conducted in Glenfield Park participants had to navigate to specific places to find the answers to questions about the local area within a set time limit. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the nominated time limit.

Debbie Davey set an interesting challenge with several higher value answers to be found closer to the start area. This had the potential to keep competition close. Generally it worked although Alex proved too strong on the 45 minute course amassing an excellent 205 points out of a possible 240. Geoff Breese finished second with 170 points. Darren Kupke also collected 170 points but then suffered a 15 point penalty for finishing late.

The tactic of having higher valued controls closer to the finish also encourage newcomers to try the 45 minute course. The Green, Willard and Cubis family groups all tackled the 45 minute course with competitive results.

On the 30 minute course the Crossett and Oliver families visited exactly the same control sites but in reverse order. The Oliver’s were a little slower and a small time penalty gave victory to the Crossett’s by just 5 points.

The next event is on Thursday 8th December starting at Delvin Place Kooringal, 6:00-6:45pm.


45 Minute Course:

1. Alex Davey 205 points;

2. Geoff Breeze 170;

3. Darren Kupke 155;

4. Elyce Green,Emily Green & B Dewar 130;

4. L. Green, C. Green & Lachlan Birch 130;

6. Geri Louis 115;

7. Connor, Lochie, Caitlin & Angela Farrell 105;

7. Mitchell, Nicky & Therese Cubis 105;

9. Mark & Haylee Willard 80.

30 Minute Course:

1. Ian, Ashleigh & Eloise Crossett 75;

2. John & Kath Oliver 70.