Strong home win for Waggaroos

Post date: Jun 18, 2019 11:44:35 AM

The extended Seaman family led Waggaroos to a comfortable victory in event 4 of the Interclub Orienteering Challenge at Connorton last Sunday.

Seven year-old Ryder Seaman won the Easy course; his father, Trent, won the Moderate course; his mother, Briohny, won the long Hard course; and his grandmother, Deb Davey, won the short Hard course to guide Waggaroos to a 52:38 victory for the day and consolidate the overall lead in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge.

The first part of the 1400 m Easy Course involved a nice downhill section along a well formed track, then led participants along a small path before a long uphill climb across semi-open farmland along a watercourse. Ryder Seaman coped admirably winning by almost 10 minutes and gain handicap honours for the day. There was a good tussle for second place with the Hatherly family group just gaining the ascendancy over Kath Oliver by a mere 9 seconds. Six year old Jarrah Mestan finished fourth. Because there were no Albury representatives on this course Waggaroos amassed a valuable 14 points.

The 2.8 km Moderate Course alternated between the farmland and woodland that had numerous discrete rock features. As well as testing navigational ability across the hills it also involved a couple of steep climbs that tested physical abilities as well. Trent Seaman did an excellent job for Waggaroos winning the course finishing almost five minutes ahead of Josh Roy, Albury’s first orienteer to finish. ACT’s Ann Scown finished in third place. Waggaroos Dale Clegg and Wes Campbell then held off Albury’s John Trevivian to ensure Waggaroos won the Moderate course 14:7.

The hard courses took participants into some complex rock terrain and across numerous steep hills. Participants had to be careful not to get too far off their line because relocating proved to be difficult and invariably required another steep climb. One control site in particular proved to be the undoing of several orienteers possibly because of its location half way up a hillside and with many of the nearby attack features appearing to be similar enough to cause confusion. It was those who found this control site quickly who did well.

On the 3.5 km Hard Course Waggaroos Deb Davey found it quickly and had a very comfortable victory, winning by almost 11 minutes. In the context of the Interclub Challenge points this course was a much more even affair. Rick Armstrong finished second to score valuable points for Albury. John Oliver (W) then managed to finish third ahead of Albury’s Liz Wood and grab the remaining bonus points and give Waggaroos a slight advantage. This was enhanced when Shani Rajasekera (W) finished and the remaining three Albury orienteers failed to finish giving Waggaroos a 14:11 win on this course.

Albury did have some success on the 4.9 m Hard Course. Waggaroos Briohny Seaman had a strong win but then four Albury participants finished before Waggaroos Tadeusz Davenport and Lachlan Campbell to give Albury a 20:10 points win on this course.

On the day though Waggaroos prevailed with a 52:38 point win and at the half way point Waggaroos lead the series 187:174.

Event 5 in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge will be conducted on Sunday 7 July at 9 mile Hill near Albury.

The next local event will be on Sunday 30 June at Pomingalarna Park commencing at 10 am. The start will be at the western entrance to Pomingalarna Park about 500 m west of Kapooka Rd (San Isadore turnoff).