Rocky Hill training courses - now removed from website

Post date: May 29, 2020 7:55:23 AM

As with the Pomingalarna, the training courses have been removed from the website and tapes taken in from the forest.

Following on from the Pomingalarna courses posted last week, we have now made available some courses on Rocky Hill in Kooringal. Same format as Pommy, with Orange tapes marking the control locations. We have also used some pink tapes to help those on the Easy course as one of the paths is a little vague in places. As with Pommy no facilities are provided and this is non-competitive.

The start/finish isn't marked on the ground but is just inside the gate off Simpkin Crescent, between numbers 99 and 101. Course lengths are:

Long 3.4 km (hard navigation)

Short 2.9 km (hard navigation)

Moderate 2.8 km (moderate navigation)

Easy 1.4 km (easy navigation)

Download the course of your choice below: