Rocky Hill

Post date: Apr 20, 2021 10:25:52 AM

Wonderful to see so many children participating. Eight of the 16 participants were sub-juniors.

The Farquhar family group had fastest time on the Easy course, closely followed by Ryder Seaman.

Veteran orienteer Bob Moore was pushed down to 5th place by the younger legs.

Audrey Young completed her first orienteering course today which, at just over 7 weeks old, made her one of the youngest ever WaggaJoeys to do so – even if she did sleep on Mum’s chest all the way around.

The Moderate course was not so easy with very long grass making the rocky hillside difficult to traverse. Running wide to the nearby paths was a good tactic.

Pauline Moore was doing very well until she saw two large snakes inspecting one of the control sites. She was in and out of that control quickly but then the long grass became ultra-tall.