Rain a pleasant change at CSU

Post date: Mar 7, 2016 8:32:39 AM

Alex Davey and Julie Gooding continued on their winning ways at Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering event last Thursday. Alex won the event and Julie won handicap honours.

The event was conducted at CSU and participants had to find the answers to as many questions as possible about the campus. Questions related to various signs and features on the many buildings. Each correct answer scored points and points were deducted for exceeding the nominated time limit. Twenty questions were on offer with a maximum score of 170.

After carefully monitoring the predicted high temperatures all week and then deciding to reduce it to a 30 minutes score event, it started to storm about an hour before the start. As it turned out the temperature during the race was a very pleasant 22° but participants did get quite wet. Although the wet weather reduced the number of attendees the competition was close between those who did participate.

Alex Davey only needed 27 minutes to get all 20 questions and the maximum score of 170 points. Julie Gooding did not quite get all answers but finished close behind a score of 155. Julie had been recording high scores in previous 30 minute course and she certainly held her own in this event against regular 45 minute participants. Debbie Davey finished third with a solid 125 points just ahead of Pauline Moore (120). Most participants went anticlockwise around the campus tackling the hillier section first. Dale Clegg was the only one to go in a clockwise direction which meant a bit of a climb mid-way through the course. He judged it well finishing with just 2 seconds to spare and a good score of 100.

The final event in the Summer Series of Orienteering will commence at 6pm from Overdale Drive, Bourkelands, opposite Glenvale Place on Thursday March 17. This is the rescheduled event from 25 Feb that was cancelled due to excessive temperatures.