Physical challenge at Tabletop

Post date: Jul 25, 2016 10:54:35 AM

Waggaroos won the sixth event in the Interclub Challenge against Albury last Sunday by a narrow three points.

Conducted at the Tabletop Mountain Retreat near Gerogery participants were faced with a mixture of open forest and steep hillsides, massive cliff lines and scattered rock features. It was hard work physically and times in the cold weather were slower than expected. All of which contributed to a very competitive Interclub Challenge event.

Alex Davey led the way for Waggaroos with an excellent win on the 5.8 km Hard course. A number of people faltered finding the fifth control on one of the numerous cliff lines but Alex was able to home in on it quickly. He won by almost 10 minutes. Albury’s Leigh Privett also found the fifth control quickly but then took a more difficult uphill route to the sixth control and lost his time advantage. The rest of the field closed in and only 55 seconds separated second and fourth places. Leigh managed to hold onto second place just ahead of Waggaroos Debbie Davey and Albury’s Rob Simmons. At this stage Waggaroos had a slight points advantage in the 5.8km Hard Course which was consolidated into a 12:9 win when John Oliver finished fifth ahead of Peter Mousley (A).

Albury hit back with some good performances on the 4.3 km Hard Course. Rebecca Phillips (A) had an excellent run in the tough terrain and finished well ahead of Waggaroos Julie Gooding, Albury's Emma Flower and Angela Farrell (W). Albury won the course 6:4 to trail Wagga by just a single point.

Waggaroos then moved further ahead when Dale Clegg (W) finished first on the 3.8km Moderate Course ahead of Albury’s McConnell group.

On the 2.2km Green course, Waggaroos Crossett family finished ahead of Albury’s McNabb family and so Wagga finished the day with a 20:17 points win.

After six events Waggaroos have a healthy 134:87 lead.

The penultimate event in the Interclub Challenge will be held at 10am on Sunday 7 August at Pomingalarna Reserve. The start will be at the golf club entrance at the end of Bagley Dr.