Low key start to bush season

Post date: Mar 17, 2020 10:00:02 AM

John Oliver had a good win in the first of the Waggaroos bush events for 2020 held at Willan's Hill last Sunday.

Starting from the picnic shelter opposite the Museum of the Riverina in Baden Powell Dr, a score event format was used in which participants had 45 minutes to find as many control sites as possible. Points were awarded for each control site found and deducted for exceeding the time limit. Control sites varied in points value depending on distance and navigational difficulty.

Bob Moore set an entertaining course which contained numerous control sites along the southern part of Willan's Hill and fewer in the northern part. Although the northern controls were closer to the start and formed a logical loop to follow they did require some steep hill climbs to access them. The southern controls on the other hand were more conducive to merely proceeding to the next nearest control and were laid out in a way that higher valued controls tempted one further and further south resulting in a long run home if one did not watch the time.

John Oliver decided to take the northern controls first to take on the hill climbs early and to retain flexible options pending on his elapsed time about which controls to take in the southern part. He judged things well finishing a mere 7 seconds inside his time limit and amassing a very good 175 points.

Tadeusz Davenport decided to take the southern controls first and he scored freely in that area. However he then found himself with fewer options in the northern part and running out of time which meant a long run back without adding to his tally. Nonetheless he finished second despite collecting almost as many points as John and losing some points for exceeding the time limit.

Izzi Hutchinson and Chontelle Dailey ran as a team and picked up many of the controls in the southern area finishing in third place.

Next event will be the first of the eight event Interclub Challenges against Albury commencing at 10am on Sunday March 22 at Wallace’s Gully near Chiltern.