Life's a Beach in Wagga!

Post date: Mar 2, 2015 10:05:47 AM

Belinda Chai and John Oliver were the winners at the Waggaroos Summer Series event held last Thursday.

Commencing at Wagga Beach participants had a choice of 45 minutes or 30 minutes to find the answers to a series of questions about the central Wagga area. Each correct answer scored points and points were deducted for exceeding the time limit. 25 questions were on offer for a total of 250 points.

There were a number of lower value questions close to the assembly area. Higher value questions were further away tempting participants with the challenge of deciding whether to gather several low value scores or extend themselves and collect higher values. A reasonable score could be netted with a pleasant trot along the riverside walking trail but the more competitive needed to venture into the lanes and alleys of the business district.

On the 30 minute course Belinda Chai did very well to amass 80 points despite losing a few points for being 3 minutes overtime. Her score was good enough to hold off Wes Campbell (65 points) and the Farrell family group (60 points) who won the handicap for the evening.

On the 45 minute course Alex Davey collected a very good 180 points by heading south along the riverbank before making his way through parts of the business district. John Oliver went north and gradually worked his way around the periphery of the map towards the southern areas. As such he accessed more of the higher valued questions and scored an excellent 210 points.

Darren Kupke finished third just ahead of Kade Mavroudis and Will Cronk.

Next week the final event in the WaggaRoos Summer Series of Orienteering will be held in the Tatton area commencing at 6pm from the corner of Tamar Dr and Stirling Boulevard. The winter competition will then commence on Sunday 15 April at Willans Hill starting opposite the Museum off Baden Powell Dr.