Interclub #1 all square

Post date: Mar 14, 2016 10:55:04 AM

Waggaroos and Albury tied at 15 points all in the first of the 2016 Interclub Challenge matches held last Saturday at Connorton, about 10 km south of Wagga. The series has been extended to 8 events this year and will stretch through to early September. Points are awarded according to placings for an equal number of participants from each club on each course.

Pauline Moore set some challenging courses in the rocky terrain. Participants had to be careful approaching controls and ensure the profusion of rocks did not became confusing. The very warm conditions also made the hills seem much steeper and times proved to be on the slow side.

Alex Davey gave Waggaroos a good start winning the 5.4km Hard course about 7 minutes ahead of Albury’s Leigh Privett. John Oliver (W) and Rob Simmons (A) slipped off the pace making numerous small mistakes which in the hot conditions cost time and energy. Rob eventually prevailed beating John by 36 seconds so that Albury and Waggaroos shared the points 5 all. Rick Armstrong then gave Albury the lead finishing well ahead of Dale Clegg (W). When Wayne Bajenoff (A) finished third, Albury moved further ahead. However when Waggaroos Angela Farrell and Lachlan Billett finished fourth and fifth respectively the points were all square again. Albury just needed their third runner, Hugh Cameron, to finish to take a one point advantage but unfortunately the heat proved to be too much and when he retired the clubs were tied on 15 points each.

Because there were no participants from the Albury club on the Moderate and easy courses no points were awarded. Wes Campbell won the Moderate course quite comfortably from Hannah & Amanda Billett with the Crossett family finishing third.

Deb & Rob McDougall won the Easy course just ahead of Kath Oliver. Kath’s effort won the handicap honours for the day.

The next event will commence at 10am at 9 Mile Hill near Albury. From Gerogery turn right at the Gerogery Hotel into Main St and follow this road for approx. 18km towards Albury. Look for the Orienteering signs on the left.