Final bush event for 2018

Post date: Oct 29, 2018 9:56:18 AM

Ed McDougall and Alex Davey had good wins at the final Waggaroos bush orienteering event for 2018 in the Murraguldrie State Forest last Sunday. All courses included a number of short legs in tricky rocky terrain that required accurate navigation as well as long legs across hillsides that required vigilance to avoid clambering between the boulders or fighting the blackberries. Most participants wandered off their line across the hillsides at some stage and placings largely reflected skills at recovering to get back on track.

Alex Davey had a comfortable win on the 6 km Hard course finishing some 17 minutes ahead of John Oliver. Both men navigated satisfactorily to most target features but found some parts of the forest very slow to traverse. Alex’s main mistake was towards the end of his run when he wandered offline to an adjacent parallel spur. John Oliver came second after a mistake mid-course when he misread some boulder features and ran well past the target rock.

Newcastle orienteers Peter and Maria Orr finished first and second on the 4.6 km Hard course well ahead of Waggaroos first runner, Wes Campbell. All three had some difficulties navigating and getting through the rough undercover in the early parts of the course.

Ed McDougall made a rare appearance and showed he still has orienteering talent by being the only competitor to finish the 4.1 km Moderate course. Other participants on this course lost direction attempting a riskier cross-country option rather than a hillier track option.

Kath Oliver had a very narrow 2 second victory on the 2.6 km Easy course just holding out Lachlan Granger. Tom & Will Kerr were not far off the pace finishing in third place just ahead of April Granger.