Fast and furious in the Victory Memorial Gardens

Post date: Mar 7, 2014 11:33:04 AM

This week's Waggaroos Park and Street event was conducted in the parkland around Wollundry lagoon from the Civic Theatre precinct to Victory Memorial Gardens in the centre of Wagga Wagga. 16 participants had a choice of 30 or 45 minutes to find the answers to 38 questions about features in the area. Each correct answer scored points with a maximum of 230 points possible. Points were deducted for exceeding the time limit.

No-one managed to get all answers but four participants went very close getting 225 points. All missed one answer although it was a different answer in each case. Three of these were on the 30 minute course and places were finalised based on elapsed time.

Debbie Davey was fastest just ahead of Alex Davey and Catherine Holland. Jonathan Holland was not far behind missing two answers for a score of 215 points. Jonathan mis-read one of the questions and although very close was studying the wrong feature for the answer. Had he found the correct answer he too would have been on 225.

Brian Coogan won the 45 minute course also with a score of 225. Julie Gooding was close behind on 220 and Martin Griffiths, in just his second event, was a close third with 200 points. Brian also won handicap honours for the evening.

Eddie McDougall was the best of the junior orienteers scoring 185 points just ahead of Kade Mavroudis (170) and Joannah McDougall (95).