Fast and furious at the Gardens

Post date: Aug 3, 2014 10:08:56 AM

It was fast and furious fun at the Waggaroos Sprint Orienteering event last Sunday with only 79 seconds separating the first five placegetters.

Starting in the Victory Memorial Gardens near the Sandakan Memorial, the courses zig-zagged around the Wollundry Lagoon and the Civic Theatre precinct. Participants had to think quickly about which way to go and then implement their plan efficiently.

Debbie Davey did it best holding off all challengers on the 2.1km course to win in 16.08 just ahead of Zach Lederhose and Briohny Seaman. Alex Davey and John Oliver were left languishing behind in an exciting competition. Alex had just run 15km to the event so could be excused for a slightly slower sprint time. John had a good run until he dropped his map near the 10th control and had to scramble down the bank of the lagoon to retrieve it before it floated away.

Eltan Mestan competed for the first time this year and although well off the pace he did well enough to share handicap honours with Zach Lederhose.

The McDougall family had their own sub-competition with Ian finishing just 3 seconds ahead of Ed with Joanna doing well to be close behind. Then Cameron McDougall finished just in front of Rob and Deb on the 1.3km course.


2.1km Long Course:

1. Debbie Davey 16.08;

2. Zach Lederhose 16.20;

3. Briohny Seaman 17.09;

4. Alex Davey 17.19;

5. John Oliver 17.27;

6. Ian McDougall 20.12;

7. Ed McDougall 20.15;

8. Pauline Moore 21.36;

9. Boetto Family 21.48;

10. Joannah McDougall 22.07;

11. Wes Campbell 24.48;

12. Eltan Mestan 25.57;

13. Alex & Isobel Cox 36.40;

14. Kath Oliver 35.45.

1.3km Short Course:

1. Cam McDougall 12.18;

2. Rob & Deb McDougall 12.59.