Down by the river

Post date: Feb 17, 2019 9:58:55 AM

Briohny Seaman continued her good form with another outstanding performance in event eight of the Waggaroos Summer Orienteering Series last Thursday evening.

Starting from Wagga Beach participants had to visit specific locations around central Wagga to find the answer to questions within a set time limit. Course setter Julie Sunley put an interesting slant on the St Valentine’s Day event with the answer to most questions being a date. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the time limit.

Participants had to plan their courses well. There were numerous point scoring opportunities clustered around the Wollundry Lagoon including a couple of higher valued tempters. However once these had been taken participants were faced with a long run either north or south to the next logical batch of controls. This took them away from the finish area and increased the risk of exceeding their time limit. To the south there were numerous lower valued control sites along the river to the railway viaduct but this pretty much forced a zig-zag return through the CBD again risking exceeding the time limit. To the north were a few tempting high valued controls sites after which participants were faced with a long run to get any further points.

Briohny Seaman chose to head south towards the railway viaduct and then come through the CBD to the Civic Theatre precinct. The tactic worked well and she picked up answers at regular intervals to amass an excellent 125 points within her 30 minute time limit.

The Priest family, Bernadette, Charlotte and Harriet, finished second with 80 points. They chose to follow the river part of the way south to Tony Ireland Reserve and then headed across to the Wollundry Lagoon area but did get caught out finishing 1½ minutes late.

Pauline Moore also did very well finishing in third place on the 30 minute course with 70 points and scored the bragging rights over husband Bob who finished fourth with 60 points. She also won the handicap honours for the second week in a row.

John Oliver won the 45 minute course with 130 points. He took a very similar route as Briohny Seaman and finished with just 5 points more although he had the advantage of an extra 15 minutes. Waggaroos junior Jack Janetzki finished second with a good 105 points. Bryan Hardy from the Wullundigong orienteering club in Western Australia finished third with 100 points. Bryan took a similar route to the Priest family but in reverse and managed to pick up 10 points more.

The next event in the Waggaroos Summer Orienteering Series will start at 6 pm in Burns Way next to the Civic Theatre.