CSU sprint

Post date: Apr 8, 2021 9:09:08 AM

A fun sprint event with the Hard and Moderate courses venturing into the bush on the western side of campus before zig-zagging between the campus buildings and garden beds.

Newcastle Orienteer Steve Roberts managed to sneak a win just ahead of Deb and John.

Don MacIntyre again set an endurance record and Jarrah Mestan with Julie in tow finished just ahead of Kath.


Long 3.2km

1 Steve Roberts (Newcastle) 0:32:40

2 Debbie Davey 0:34:22

3 John Oliver 0:35:28

Medium 2.1km

1 Don MacIntyre 1:53:23

Easy 1.2km

1 Julie Gooding & Jarrah Mestan 0:21:07

2 Kath Oliver 0:23:47