CSU Club sprint

Post date: Jul 16, 2016 10:47:34 AM

Hannah Billett and Briohny Seaman were the winners at the Waggaroos sprint orienteering event conducted at CSU last Sunday.

Although the distance in a sprint orienteering course is much shorter than normal, it is generally held in an area with considerable detail that allows numerous short legs with many changes in direction. Debbie Davey set some excellent courses that zig-zagged in an around the many buildings on the CSU campus. Concentration became paramount towards the end of the course which also involved some hill climbs.

Following a good run in the Gold Coast marathon last weekend Briohny Seaman was the fastest around the 2500m Course. Lachlan Billett, celebrated his selection in the NSW Schools Orienteering team with an excellent second placing about 30 seconds off Briohny’s hot pace. Alex Davey was third and John Oliver finished fourth.

Dale Clegg finished mid-field but was fast enough to win handicap honours for the day just ahead of Lachlan.

Times were a bit slower but competition was much closer on the 1800m Course. Hannah Billett did enough to win just ahead of Iain, Ashleigh and Eloise Crossett. Charlie Cheesley was in the mix but had to settle for third place with Clare Jessup finishing fourth.

Harriet Priest was the sole participant on the 1200m Course.

The next event will be at 10 am on Sunday 24 July near Gerogery. This will be Event 7 of the Interclub Challenge against Albury. Follow the orienteering signs from Five Mates Bridge.


Long Hard: 2500m

1 Briohny Seaman WRN 17.22

2 Lachlan Billett WRN 17.56

3 Alex Davey WRN 19.07

4 John Oliver WRN 20.48

5 Trent Seaman WRN 22.28

6 Dale Clegg WRN 25.28

7 Ian Jessup GON 26.25

8 Julie Gooding WRN 26.41

9 Amanda Billett WRN 31.35

10 Charlotte Priest WRN 32.04

11 Kobe Priest WRN 40.27

Short Hard: 1800 m

1 Hannah Billett WRN 30.19

2 Crossett Family WRN 31.07

3 Charlie Cheesley WRN 31.34

4 Clare Jessup GON 33.33

5 Kath Oliver WRN 44.20

Easy: 1200m

1 Harriet Priest WRN 17.56