Bush season opens at Pommy

Post date: Mar 19, 2019 10:23:04 AM

A disappointingly small turn out for our first bush event of 2019, with warm weather keeping some in the pool, whilst some members were out of town.

The courses looped around the western slopes of the park having participants find various small gullies and mounds and watercourses. The dry conditions have rendered the forest very runnable making direct navigation a real option. The numerous tracks in the area provided some alternative route choice options and also confusion if one did not know exactly where they were.

On the 5.7 km hard navigation course Briohny Seaman did exceptionally well and Ryder Seaman had the fastest time on the 1.6 km Easy course finishing just ahead of his brother Logan. The Easy course led participants around the old quarry and did require some care to ensure choosing the correct paths.

Pauline Moore was the only participant on the Moderate course and although managing a creditable 15 min per km just failed to beat Briohny for handicap honours for the day.

5.7 km Hard Time

1 Briohny Seaman 0:41:21

2 John Oliver 0:59:03

3.7 km Moderate

1 Pauline Moore 0:57:59

1.6 km Easy

1 Ryder Seaman 0:33:35

2 Logan Seaman 0:35:37

3 Kath Oliver 0:53:11