Bourkelands numbers hit by heat

Post date: Feb 3, 2019 10:15:57 AM

The continuing hot weather unfortunately impacted numbers for the rescheduled Bourkelands event. Alex Davey carried his good pre-Christmas form into the New Year with a win last Thursday evening.

The event was held around Bourkelands and involved visiting specific locations in the area to find the answer to questions within a set time limit. Because of the warm weather participants were restricted to a 30 minute time limit to find as many answers as possible. Questions included identifying particular features in gardens, specific wording on signs, and the numbers on specific power poles. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the time limit.

Starting from the playground at the southern end of Yarrawah Crescent the course was designed with a number of lower value control sites close by and fewer higher valued ones further away. This was in anticipation of warm running conditions and provided participants with the option of running further to sites with higher value or obtaining a high score by visiting many more sites close by.

Alex Davey chose to run further afield to higher valued sites whereas Wes Campbell and the Sunleys chose to stay closer in. Interestingly Alex was the only one who managed to finish within the allotted time limit. As the time limit approached, those closer in were tempted to take one more site for a few extra points because it did not seem to be far out of the way.

The next event in the Waggaroos Summer Orienteering Series will start at 6pm at Manneke Park in Pugsley Dr, Estella just north of Doman St.