AWOC regain the Interclub trophy after 7 years

Post date: Aug 26, 2019 10:21:41 AM

Waggaroos won the final event in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday but lost the series by just 13 points. It is Albury's first win since 2012.

In the Interclub Orienteering Challenge points are awarded to participants for participating and completing their course and to the placegetters in each course. The points earned by placegetters are weighted in favour of the longer and harder navigation courses.

The event was conducted in the northern part of the Livingstone National Park and State Conservation Reserve where the broad steep hills are prickly scrub are unforgiving when navigational errors are made. Time was easily lost if route choice was not carefully made.

There was an excellent turnout with almost 50 people including several family groups participating. Waggaroos started the day 44 points in arrears and despite some good performances could not completely wipe of the deficit.

On the 5.7 km Hard course although Matt Flower (A) finished second behind ACTs John Scown and scored valuable bonus points for the Albury club, Waggaroos Stuart Young and Tadeusz Davenport were just seconds behind and by finishing ahead of crack Albury trio Raf Freire, Leigh Privett and Rob Simmonds helped Waggaroos take a slight 3 point lead.

Then Waggaroos junior Jack Janetzki and veteran Alex Davey finished first and second respectively on the 4.5 km Hard course ahead of several Albury orienteers to increase the Waggaroos lead to 7.

Albury reduced the deficit when Emma and Indiana Flower won the 3.5 km Moderate course but a succession of Waggaroos finishing before the next Albury orienteer ensured Wagga won this course and slipped out to a 15 point lead.

This was extended on 1.8 km Easy course where Wagga were unchallenged by Albury.

At the end of the day Waggaroos won the event 63:32 but Albury won the series 376:363 in what was the closest competition for a number of years.

The next local event will be conducted at Rawling's Park on Sunday 15 September starting at 10 am from the eastern end of Angel St, Lake Albert. Newcomers are welcome.