Australian 3 Days a great success

Post date: Jun 19, 2017 11:38:57 AM

The Australian 3 Days carnival, hosted in Wagga Wagga over the June long weekend, was an outstanding success. Over 550 people took part on days 1 and 2, will just shy of that number competing on Monday.

Excellent courses, good maps, excellent event arenas and great weather combined to have visitors wanting to come back as soon as they can to have another run!

Day 1 at Connorton featured technical middle distance courses that wove in and out of the myriad of rock features on the map, combined with a couple of surprise long legs on the longer courses.

Day 2 at Burngoogee was a true long distance race, with the Men's elite course covering 15km+ with almost 500m climb. Even the Very Easy course had the competitors out on a 2.5km course!

The Day 3 finale at CSU was a combined bush-campus Sprint race and the mixed format brought great reviews, as well as catching many out in the frenetic start on the rocky hill.

Many thanks to the hard working and enthusiatic organising team from SHOO, Illawarra-Kareela, Uringa and of course, Waggaroos.