Summer Series resumes in Wagga

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 12:34:09 AM

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Briohny Seaman had a good win in a tight competition as the Waggaroos Summer Series resumed last Thursday evening.

Because of the high temperature the 45 minute time limit option was withdrawn so all participants had a 30 minute time limit to find the answers to as many of the 23 questions as possible. Answers carried a points score according to the challenge in finding them and time penalties were imposed for exceeding the time limit.

Starting in Churchill Ave participants had a variety of options. Most headed across Rocky Hill Reserve towards Simkin Cres and Fay Avenue towards the Kooringal High School before heading back along Kilpatrick St or Lake Albert Rd. Others chose to head west along Warrawong and Grove Streets towards Kooringal Mall.

Competition was tight with just 15 points separating the first five places.

Briohny Seaman took the Rocky Hill route and scored a very good 105 points in her 30 minute effort. Alex Davey and John Oliver also headed across Rocky Hill Reserve taking almost identical routes and ending up with 95 points each to fill the minor places. Alex was awarded second place because his elapsed time was 12 seconds faster than John’s.

Jonathan Holland ran and ran and collected a massive 135 points but ran for too long finishing 8 minutes overtime and incurring 40 penalty points. This put him on a par with Alex and John’s score of 95 but relegated him to fourth place.

Trent Seaman also ran for too long incurring 10 penalty points to finish in fifth place with 90.

The next event in the Summer Series of Orienteering will be held next Thursday 7 February at Kessler Park near Lamber St starting from 6pm.