Another good turnout despite the rain at CSU

Post date: Sep 28, 2020 9:42:28 AM

A sprint event at CSU that turned out to be a rather slow sprint.

Starting at the top of the stairs near the Yindyarmarra Reconciliation site on the SW edge of the map all courses traversed the very grassy hillside for approximately 50% of their length before snaking their way back between the campus buildings.

The 1500m Easy course was able to follow a recently mown path but had a tough 100m climb in the first 400m of the course. Well worth the view from the top if you could see between the misty showers but at least it was all downhill from there.

The 2300m Moderate course similarly had substantial climb in the first section but did have some options to contour around the hillside rather than go right over the top.

The 3400m Hard course circumvented the main hill and although visibility was good, it did require considerable physical effort getting through the long, wet grasses that obscured the small rocks and logs that litter the area.

It was a good day for the Halloran family. Greg & Camilla won the Easy course finishing almost 6 minutes ahead of Jarrah Mestan and Julie Gooding while Ellena and Rachelle won the Moderate course finishing 4 minutes ahead of Pauline Moore.

Briohny Seaman had a comfortable win on the 3.4km Hard course well ahead of Jack Janetzki. Briohny was clearly getting across the hillside quickly - her time would have placed her first on the Moderate course and second on the Easy course. And having completed her course she trotted off for a casual 10km lap of the University!