All over the hill at Willan's

Post date: Oct 9, 2020 8:52:20 AM

A score event that provided plenty of variety: hard climbs, steep descents, fast open areas, undergrowth with hidden rocks and logs, interesting control placements and not a control flag to be seen.

There were some very good scores on both courses. Alex Davey’s 230 on the 60 minute course and Kerri & Matilda’s 140 on the 45 minute course were excellent efforts. James Gray’s 200 and Tadeus Davenport’s 180 on the 60 minute course and Pauline Moore’s 125 and Shani Rajasekera’s 100 on the 45 minute course were also highly commendable efforts.

Pauline took handicap honours for the day.

Half the field on each course overestimated their ability and incurred point deductions for exceeding their time limit. Best of these worst efforts in respect of points lost were from Wes Campbell and James Gray who conceded 55 points each. On a percentile basis Don MacIntyre did even better losing almost 60% of his points.