Albury wins on home soil

Post date: Mar 28, 2019 10:27:22 AM

Weight of numbers conspired against Waggaroos in the first event of the Interclub Challenge against Albury last Sunday.

Held over eight events points are awarded for participation as well as performance. One point is awarded for starting and another for successfully completing a course. Placegetters on each course earn bonus points which are weighted according to the navigational difficulty and distance.

Event 1 was conducted at Magenta Mine just outside Chiltern in northern Victoria. Because it was closer to Albury, Waggaroos were well outnumbered resulting in Albury gaining many more points for participation. However, Waggaroos acquitted themselves well and earned many points from bonus points as placegetters.

The area was typical spur-gully terrain with an intricate network of small gullies fanning out along broad hillsides. The forest was open and runnable despite the early morning rain tempting participants to aim directly at the target feature. However care had to be taken not to become confused between the very similar looking gullies. Opportunities to run wider to more distinct features existed so the navigational challenge was to picking the best option.

The 6.2 km Hard course comprised a number of legs across the hillsides testing participant’s abilities to read the contour detail. Briohny Seaman and John Oliver did very well finishing 1st and 3rd and scoring well for Waggaroos. However with Tony Perrott (A) splitting the pair and several other Albury orienteers finishing the course Albury managed to win the class 17:14.

It was a similar story on the 5.0 km Hard course in which Waggaroos Jack Janetzki and Deb Davey came 1st and 2nd to score well but Albury by weight of participating numbers were able to also win that course 23:13.

Albury dominated the 3.2 km Moderate course. This course challenged participants with a number of quite short legs to very specific features such as small crags and depressions and knolls. It was essential to leave each control in the correct direction to avoid being lured into the wrong gully system. Despite Waggaroos Wes Campbell, Pauline Moore and Bob Moore finishing 3 rd, 4th and 6th Albury managed to win this course 21:8.

Waggaroos did have success on the 1.9 km Easy Course. Tom Janetzki and Sam Klemke won just ahead of John Janetzki. Kath Oliver was off the pace in 3rd place but it was enough for Waggaroos to win the course 12:2.

Overall Albury won the day 63:47. Next event in the Interclub Challenge will be held closer to Wagga in the Murraguldrie State Forest and will give Waggaroos the chance to dominate participation.

Next local event will be conducted on Sunday 7 April at Rocky Hill commencing at 10 am from the southern end of Stellway Close, Kooringal.