Albury wins first Interclub for 2015

Post date: Mar 30, 2015 10:48:33 AM

Waggaroos just went down to Albury in the first of the Interclub Challenge events held last Sunday between the two clubs.

The event was conducted at 9 Mile Hill which is a small reserve between Gerogery and Albury consisting of 4 small hills peppered with boulders and gravel pits. Although the forest looked open and fast, the short steep hills were as difficult to run down as they were up, particularly in the more rocky areas.

The 4.8km Hard course looped forth and back across the reserve requiring six tough hill climbs and careful navigation to find the controls that were tucked in behind most features. Competition was close with less than 7 minutes separating the seven participants. Alex Davey won the course to get Waggaroos off to an excellent start however Albury soon snatched the lead when Leigh Privett and Tony Perrott finished in quick succession. Debbie Davey (W) was not far behind and finished fourth to tie the scores. Albury then grabbed a one point advantage when Rick Armstrong just beat WaggaRoos John Oliver for fifth spot. At this stage Albury led by 11:10.

Albury went further ahead when Liz Wood won the 3.8km Hard course comfortably ahead of Waggaroo Wes Campbell, and Sue LeFoe (A) beat Waggaroo Kath Oliver on the 2.8km Moderate course.

Kath Oliver usually participates on the Easy course but stepped up to the Moderate course to ensure good competition between the clubs. Although well beaten she did well enough to earned a point for the Waggaroos and win handicap honours for the day.

No points were awarded on the Easy course so Albury ran out winners 15:12.

The next event in the Interclub Challenge will be at 10am on Sunday 12 April in the Murraguldrie State Forest. Drive towards Tumbarumba and from about 6km south of the Hume Highway follow the orienteering signs into the forest to the assembly area.

4.8km Hard Club Time

1 Alex Davey W 48.57

2 Leigh Privett A 51.01

3 Tony Perrott A 51.10

4 Debbie Davey W 53.52

5 Rick Amstrong A 54.15

6 John Oliver W 54.48

7 Rob Simmons A 55.47

8 John Ferguson A NTR

3.5km Hard

1 Liz Wood A 44.15

2 Wes Campbell W 62.39

3 Helen Jerome A 66.55

4 Bill Krause & Vera McCluskey A 73.29

5 Wendy Davis A 77.52

6 John Jamison & Nicole A 116.23

2.8km Moderate

1 Peter & Nicholas A 25.52

2 Sue Lefoe A 45.02

3 Kath Oliver W 75.51

2.3km Easy

1 Peter & Nicholas A 65.00