Albury win at Walbundrie

Post date: Jun 22, 2018 12:19:12 PM

Albury won event 4 of the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Waggaroos last Sunday 62 points to 34 but Waggaroos still maintain a healthy 202:149 lead at the half way point of the 8 event competition. The event was conducted at Piney Ridge on the eastern edge of Walbundrie. The area comprises three lightly timbered hills, two of which are littered with boulder features and the third having an intricate contour profile from former quarrying activities. Most control features were only 100-150m apart placing the emphasis on accurate navigation rather than route choice.

Courses looped around the three hills challenging participants to find small boulder features in among larger granite outcrops. The large number controls to be found on each course created many opportunities to lose time through small errors. As a consequence all four courses on offer were won by comfortable margins by those who made very few errors.

ACT's Ian Prosser had a brilliant error-free run on the 4.6 km Hard navigation course showing his competitors a very clean pair of heels and winning by almost 15 minutes. Waggaroos Deb Davey won the 3.5 km Hard navigation course by a respectable 6 minutes and Albury’s Nick Freire and Kate Freire won the 2.2 km Moderate course and 1.8 km Easy course respectively by a comfortable 10 minutes each.

Alex Davey gave Waggaroos a good start finishing second behind Ian Prosser and being the first club member to finish on the 4.6 km Hard course. However, Albury’s Rob Simmons and Tony Perrot managed to finish just ahead of John Oliver (W) to give the home team a 27:12 point advantage.

On the 3.5 Hard course Deb Davey (W) maintained her excellent form to lead everyone home and score some valuable points for Waggaroos. Albury again scored well when Rick Armstrong, Liz Wood and John Ferguson all manage to finish before Waggaroos Dale Clegg and Sean Sunley. This increased Albury’s lead to 44:24.

Albury increased their lead further when Nick Crick and Cathy McNabb finished ahead of Waggaroos Pauline and Bob Moore on the 2.2 km Moderate course and Kate Freire (A) beat Kath Oliver (W) on the Easy course. Overall Albury won the day comfortably 62:34.

Event 5 will be held on Sunday July 1 at Pomingalarna Reserve starting at 10 am from the end of Bagley Dr near City Golf Club. In addition to the usual four foot orienteering courses a 10 km Mountain Bike Orienteering course will be conducted. Mountain bike orienteering is similar to foot orienteering in that participants must locate particular features using their map and compass. The principle difference is that the mountain bike must only use the tracks and trails and cannot go across country like foot orienteers.