Albury win again at Tabletop

Post date: Jul 2, 2017 11:29:53 AM

Albury just beat Waggaroos 35:32 in event 5 of the Interclub Challenge conducted at Tabletop near Gerogery last Sunday. However after five events Waggaroos retain a narrow 86:78 lead in the 8 event competition. Points in the Interclub Challenge are awarded on each course according to placings for an equal number of participants from each club. There was an excellent attendance with a number of casual orienteers participating. Each club was well represented on most courses ensuring a good competition.

Courses were characterised by numerous short legs in and around the huge cliff lines and large boulders. Fallen timber and steep slopes make going tough and times were generally slower than usual.

Waggaroos got off to a good start with Alex Davey, John Oliver and Tadeusz Davenport finishing first, third and fourth respectively on the 5.2km Hard course to give Waggaroos a 13:8 point lead. Alex’s time of 75:25 was a great performance in the context of the day finishing almost 10 minutes ahead of Albury’s Matt Flower. Matt missed at the sixth control but still managed to score valuable points for Albury.

It was all looking good for Waggaros when Deb Davey recorded a comfortable win on the 3.2km Hard course. However, Albury’s Liz Wood, Peter Mousley and Norm McCann filled the next three places ahead of Waggaroos junior Jack Janetski who did very well on this difficult course. Helen Jerome (A) then managed to hold off Waggaroos Wes Campbell and Shani Rajasekera to give Albury a 21:15 win on the course and a one point lead for the day.

Ashleigh, Eloise and Iain Crossett (W) and Kath Oliver (W) competed well on the 2.7km Moderate course but because there were no Albury members on this course no points were awarded.

So it all came down to the 1.8km Easy course. Nick Mousley (A) had a terrific run ripping around the course in a very quick 12.39. Waggaroos Tom Janetski finished next in the Interclub competition but when Rose Frantzke (A) finished ahead of Harry and John Janetski (W) Albury won the Easy course 6:4 and stretched their margin for the day to 3 points.

Results: Interclub event 5. Tabletop: