Albury takes first Interclub

Post date: Apr 25, 2013 12:01:09 PM

Waggaroos went down to Albury in the first of the Interclub Series last Sunday.

The Interclub Series has been extended to six events for 2013. Three will be conducted in the Wagga district and three around Albury. Participants earn points for their club according to their placing on their course. Points are awarded to an equal number of participants from each club.

Held in the lovely Murraguldrie State Forest near Mt Burngoogee participants were treated to areas of fast running, steep climbs, and interesting rock features. Most legs involved working across hillsides to avoid climb and then the finding of a distinctive rock feature.

Albury’s Rob Matthews is improving with every race and won the 5.3km Hard Course convincingly giving Albury a good start. Waggaroos Alex Davey and Briohny Seaman finished second and third to give Wagga a slight lead. But Albury edged back in front when Rob Simmons held out John Oliver for fifth place by a mere 12 seconds. This gave Albury a narrow 11:10 lead.

Waggaroos Kath Oliver then tied the scores at 12 all by winning the 2km Easy Course just ahead of the Cave family from Albury. Waggaroos Wetherspoon family also participated on the Easy course and beat the Cave family, Because there was no other Albury participant their effort did not score points.

It all came down to the 4.2km Red Course where each club had two competitors. Unfortunately a tricky control baffled Waggaroos participants and they failed to find it allowing Liz Wood and John Trevivian to earn 7 points for the Albury club and a 19:12 victory.

The next contest in the Interclub Series will be on May 12 at 9 Mile Hill near Tabletop.