Albury score away win

Post date: Jul 24, 2019 10:51:08 AM

Despite Waggaroos winning the Easy and Moderate courses and tying the Short Hard, Albury dominated the Long Hard and won the day by 10 points. With two events to go Albury now has a nice little 9 point lead. Exciting stuff!

From all accounts Jack Janetzki did a great job organising his first bush event.

The 1.9 km Easy course was a close affair with Waggaroos 12yo Tom Janetzki winning by a mere 54 seconds from his 12yo Albury counterpart Nick Mousley.

Alburys Josh Roy did very well to win the 3.o km Moderate course but with Dale Clegg and Wes Campbell filling the minor places Waggaroos just sneaked ahead to win that course.

A rather innocuous depression on the two long courses was not as innocuous as it appeared and several participants lost time there; Waggaroos fared worse allowing Albury to do better in the two Hard courses.

Despite Alex Davey comfortably winning the 3.6 km Hard course and scoring valuable bonus points, Albury had Liz Wood and Hugh Cameron came in ahead of the next Waggaroos participants and the course was tied.

Albury dominated the 4.8 km Hard course with Leigh Privett, Matt Flower and Peter Mousley filling the first three places before Waggaroos Stuart Young and Briohny Seaman finished.

On the day Albury had a nice 10 point win 47:37 and after 6 events lead 269:260. There are two events to go, with the next being at Tabletop, just north of Albury, on 4th August.

Wolfram full results: