Albury pips Waggaroos at Tabletop

Post date: Jul 2, 2013 10:02:08 AM

Waggaoos went down by one point in the fourth of the Interclub Challenge events against the Albury-Wodonga club.

Conducted at Tabletop near Gerogery, it was a tough day for participants with numerous steep climbs, slippery descents and lots of timber and debris on the ground making it difficult to hold a rhythmic pace. Some of the control locations proved equally challenging with one in between three huge boulders with barely enough room to squeeze through, and another at the entrance to an enchanting cave.

The Interclub Challenge points are allocated according to placings in each course for an equal number of participants from each club. At the start of the day the two clubs were locked together on 29 points each.

Waggaroos got off to an excellent start with Edward and Oliver Gunter winning the 1.75km Easy course in style and Nathan and Henry Gunter finishing third. This earned Edward and Oliver handicap honours for the day and Waggaroos 6 valuable points to 4.

The nice little 2 point advantage was quickly eroded with Albury scoring well on the 3.2km Moderate Course. Albury’s Norm McCann and John Trevivian filled the first two placed. Waggaroos clawed some points back with Julie Gooding and Eltan Mestan finishing in third spot and Bob Moore close behind in fourth. Albury’s Lutton family then finished just ahead of Wagga’s Pauline Moore to give Albury a 13:8 point score on that course.

Albury consolidated their advantage when Michelle and Jarrah finished ahead of Waggaroos Wes Campbell on the 3.6km Hard course. At this stage Albury had slipped away to a line 5 points lead.

This stretched even further when Leigh Privett had an emphatic 22 minute win on the 5.5km Hard course. The 6 points pushed the Albury advantage out to 11. But then Waggaroos fought back with Alex Davey, Debbie Davey and John Oliver filling the next three places before Albury’s second runner Matt Flower finished. When Rick Armstrong, Albury’s third participant on this course, failed to finish and score points, Waggaroos had won the course 12:8 but Albury won the day 27:26.

The next event in the Interclub Challenge will be held on July 28 in the Livingstone Forest near Burrandana.


5.5 km Hard Course:

Leigh Privett (Albury) 79.44;

Alex Davey (Wagga) 102.19;

Debbie Davey (W) 115.05;

John Oliver (W) 125.27;

Matt Flower (A) 130.02;

Rick Armstrong (A) dnf.

3.6km Hard Course:

Michelle & Jarrah (A) 93.27;

Tom, Zac, Lachie, Aedan (A) 94.00;

Trevor & Wendy Davis (A) 97.57;

Liz Wood (A) 113.57;

Emma Flower (A) 126.41;

John Jamieson & Nicole Eirth (A) 203.05;

Wes Campbell (W) dnf.

3.2km Moderate Course:

Norm McCann (A) 41.27;

John Trevivian (A) 57.35;

Julie Gooding & Elton Mestan (W) 62.59;

Bob Moore (W) 66.02;

Peter Lutton group (A) 72.45;

Pauline Moore (W) 84.17;

Chapman family (A) 106.21.

1.75km Easy Course:

Edward & Oliver Gunter (W) 23.03;

Tim Toner (A) 27.19;

Nathan & Henry Gunter (W) 41.11;

Sullivan family (A) 62.25.