9th best beach in Australia!

Post date: Dec 16, 2019 10:24:16 AM

ACT’s Andrew Slattery had a strong win in event 4 of the Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering last Sunday.

Commencing from the now famous Wagga Beach (recently rated the 9th best in Australia!) participants had to find the answers to questions about the CBD within a set time limit. Questions included dates of specific events, house names, and particular details on the various murals that decorate the city. Points were awarded for correct answers and deducted for exceeding the time limit.

Competing on the 45 minute course Andrew Slattery managed to find answers to 25 of the 31 questions on offer and scored an excellent 200 points despite losing 5 points for exceeding his time limit by 35 seconds. His closest rival was Waggaroos Alex Davey who managed to find 21 answers and scored 170 points. John Oliver was not far behind collecting 165 points.

On the 30 minute courses the Metcalfe family scored a very good 85 points but were outrun by Stuart Young who amassed 120 points.

The Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering will resume on Sunday February 2 in the Turvey Park area.