3-way tie at CSU

Post date: Feb 25, 2020 10:03:53 AM

There was an exciting three-way tie in the Waggaroos Summer Series of Orienteering event at CSU last Sunday.

Starting from the Peter Hastie Oval participants had to find the answers to questions about the campus within a set time limit. Questions included identifying the occupant of specific buildings, room numbers, details on signs, and the state survey number on the trig on top of the hill just west of campus.

The challenge for participants was deciding whether to tackle the bush land hill section first while the legs were fresh and then collect what they could around the buildings or collect as much as they could around the buildings and then see if they had enough left to tackle the hill.

Alex Davey took on the hill early and had enough left to continue on and find all answers within his chosen 45 minute time limit. He finished with a comfortable 5 minutes to spare and maximum score of 210 points.

Briohny Seaman also took to the hill early and also managed to complete the course and find all the answers but did it quicker scoring her 210 points in a very fast 31 minutes.

Stuart Young worked his way around the southern part of the buildings first, then climbed the hill before completing the northern section between the buildings. However he realised he had missed one control at the far western side of the bush land section and two on the far eastern side of the buildings. At this point he put on the after-burners and ran first west and then east to collect all answers and still finish with 7 minutes to spare. He ran 1500 m further than Briohny and Alex but his effort managed to force a three-way tie for first place.

John Oliver was just off the pace missing two questions and scoring 200 points. Deb Davey and Trent Seaman were also in the hunt scoring a very good 195 points.

Participants on the 30 minute course just worked their way around the campus buildings. Debbie & Jo McDougall collected 95 points while Logan and Ryder Seaman each finished with 50 points.

Hard luck story of the day was Ian McDougall who did not turn off the auto-pause feature on his smartwatch. Of course it stopped whenever he did to consult the map or work out the answer to the question. Thinking he was finishing with plenty of time to spare he was a bit disappointed to find he had actually incurred a 45 point time penalty for being 9 minutes overtime.

The next and final event in the Summer Series of Orienteering will commence at 9 am on Sunday March 1 at the playground on the corner of Mima St and the southern end of Bindari Ave, Glenfield Park.