Wagga and Riverina Orienteers Incorporated

Waggaroos next event is the Interclub event with Albury-Wodonga this Sunday, 14th August at Nine Mile Hill, just north of Albury. The normal range of Interclub courses will be offered, from Easy to Hard navigation and, as usual, assistance will be available for newcomers. Directions: drive south to Gerogery and turn right into Main St/Gerogery Rd towards Jindera and Burrumbuttock. Follow Gerogery Rd for approx.18km and look for the Orienteering signs which will direct you left. Start times between 10:00am and 11:00am, course closure 1:30pm.

Waggaroos has a narrow lead in the series so we need as many attendees as possible to keep our noses in front!

A small attendance thoroughly enjoyed Wes’ s courses at Pomingalarna last Sunday. Courses allowed use of the many bike tracks although you did needed to stay alert to ensure you were following the correct one. Alternatively, you went through the bush which was great in the treed areas but very grassy across the open areas. There were a few new tracks winding around in a couple of areas which added an extra challenge.

The forest was resplendent with the wattles out in bloom and decorating everywhere with splashes of yellow. And the place was alive with kangaroos and hares. The rain over the past few days did make some of the tracks a bit muddy and slippery but no-one came to grief and the weather on the day was perfect.

Only the Easy course had a real competition and Jarrah led the way finishing ahead of Kath and the Earl family group.


5.7km Hard: John Oliver 1:29:43

4.0km Hard: Pauline Moore 1:37:56

3.5km Moderate: Julie Gooding 0:50:56

1.8km Easy:

1 Jarrah Mestan 0:39:58

2 Kath Oliver 0:42:48

3 Nathan & Hayden Earl and Archie Mercer 0:47:30

Waggaroos next event is this Sunday 7 August – Pomingalarna Reserve, starting from the western entrance. Take the Sturt Hwy towards Narrandera and turn right into the car park about 800m past the San Isadore turnoff. There is a low cutting on the right just before the entrance which does make it hard to see. Take care when turning because it is a 100kph zone and cars behind may not be expecting you to slow.

The normal array of club courses will be on offer, from easy to hard navigation and assistance will be available for any newcomers. Start times between 10:00am and 11:30am, with course closure at 1:00pm.

Waggaroos had a strong win in the most recent Interclub event, held on a new map near Narrandera. 20 participants from Wagga, Albury, Leeton and further afield enjoyed orienteering on a lovely day in the new area about 5km east of Narrandera alongside the Budginderry Creek. It was great to have Geoff Todkill, from Newcastle, and his grand-children (from Yenda) join us.

Waggaroos started the day slightly behind on aggregate points and finished slightly ahead. Most Albury participants did the 5.4km Hard course and they scored well on that course. But then on the other courses it was virtually all WaggaRoos. We won the day 52:18 and after 6 events have a narrow 238:224 lead with two events to be contested. Well done all.

And very well done to Briohny, Chontelle, Sharni and Ellena and Camilla Halloran who all won their courses and to John Dailey and Tom Janetzki who finished second on the 3.9km Hard and 2.9km Moderate respectively.

5.4km Hard

1 Briohny Seaman W 0:57:47

2 Matt Flower A 1:11:29

3 Geoff Todkill NCN 1:15:02

4 Tony Perrott A 1:17:47

5 Jack Janetzki W 1:25:09

6 Peter Mousley A 1:28:53

7 Alan Davis A 1:35:15

3.9km Hard

1 Chontelle Dailey W 1:12:32

2 John Dailey W 1:14:14

3 Tadeusz Davenport W 1:40:41

2.9km Moderate

1 Sharni Rajasekera W 0:53:29

2 Tom Janetzki W 1:04:07

3 Rachelle Ward & Katie Matthews W 1:26:43

4 Wes Campbell W 1:27:25

5 Pauline Moore W 1:30:34

6 Hugh Cameron A dnf

1.5km Easy

1 Ellena, Camilla Halloran & Ella Matthews W 0:18:37

2 Luke, Riley, Jude Matthews 0:20:40

3 James Dickie 0:29:14

4 Samuel Dickie 0:35:05

Upcoming major events:

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